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Friday, March 5, 2010

GeekFest; The Day B4

Today was a big and busy day / Grosse Journée

It all started with a coffee cup then I went to look up the demos I printed out last night. checked out the cleaning station for RemX skin application logo for his BodyPainting gig for Next Sunday at the Geek Fest and it looked good, nice details and flexible so i think he'll be able to apply my 3d Printing technology with his BodyPainting Art. We will be able to use rapid Prototyping for customizing and pimping is work with My High-Tech gear. Nice projects are on the way starting with the GeekFest.
I then Looked up the next 2 logo i also did For RemX the job was done at about 2am last night but i crashed on the coach and when i woke up at 4am, i walked straight to bed but coulnt even fall back to sleep. i tossed and turned for about 2 hours and that brought me closer to the wake up call from Zak at 8 am, so i didnt get alot of sleep for my pre GeekFest Start up.
Got up at 9 am and Zak was already awake and eager to start the day and drive up with dad to Montreal to bring the 3D printer at the GeekFest.
After i looked at RemX's Logo i Grab the first Logo I did last night for Ztélé in the cleaning station and it Pretty good, I cant wait to give it to them on Saturday.
I learned that they where going to be there yesterday afternoon from Twitter and they confirmed that they will pass by at my boot for a little surprise.
After getting my gear set up i shut down my 3d Printer for it to cool down before the road trip to Montreal.
I had to shuffle off quite a bit of snow for us to be able to access the stairs for us to bring it to the vehicle for transportation.
So then i jumped in the shower and go ready for this wonderful sun shinny day!
My friend Yves got here and we got the printer in his van and headed up to the printer store to pick up the Solidwild t-shirts and they looked pretty good !
Got on the highway 15 Montreal bound, pit stop aux portes du Nord at McDonald for a quick drive thru meal and headed up to meet up with Ray form Impression VIP and met up at Laval Mercedez Dealership to pick up the SolidWild Banner, wow i didnt expect it to look that Great, Really nice work they did for me VIP and really good service.
After that pick up the pressure went down quite a bit because by then we had every thing we needed to set up the GeekFest Boot, wow what a relief.
This day was looking to be one of the best i had so far in a long time ! ! !
We got the GPS set up for the SUPINFO and followed "GEORGETTE"s direction, i call my GPS Georgette, its a long story !
When we got a the SUPINFO i when in the Building and me up with the GeekFest coordinators and they where quite a nice team, it made me feel secure to see those guys working on the last minute stretch for the events with real professionalism.
The people there where really nice and worked pretty good under that first start up event. i am sure that next year is going to be even bigger with a good team like that.
So after meeting with all the guys we got the 3d printer from the underground parking to the elevator and on the Festival floor and brought it to the boot for the Brainstorming of the set up. We stayed a while talked to all of the people out there and everybody seems to be really sociable and friendly, they made me feel at home.
I could not wait for the next day to set everything up in the morning before the door opening. I am sure its gonna be a Solid Event!
We got out of there around 5pm and drove back North for the last night before the GeekFest, when up at the grocery store with Zak to get diner, went home for a quite and healthy meal and got on The web to check messages and updated my Facebook and Twitter account for tomorrow event updates and then got on my Blog to tell my story about this nice and beautiful day.
So now ill just have to sleep a good night for i am sure i will because i am so tired and relax in front of one of my TV best program "NUMB3BERS" with the new Moslon-M, mmh its a pretty darn good beer! its been a while for i dont drink that often but it goes down preety good!
On that last note i wish all the GeekFest fans and GeekFest logistic team a good night befor this WILD week-end and sweet dream to all ! (S)ee ya all at the GeekFest tomorrow and Sunday and for those who cant be there check out my fb/Twitter/YouTube and at last follow this Blog for news of this first GEEKFEST. nite nite! ;)

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