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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

CAD file to part in just three steps.

All Stratasys FDM systems produce thermoplastic parts in just three steps, unlike some competitive additive fabrication processes that have up to 16 steps. Just load your file, machine produces part and remove the support material.

  1. Pre-Process - Load the part’s STL file (CAD data) in Insight file processing software.
  2. Manufacture Parts - System builds part in thermoplastic material one layer at a time on precise paths.
  3. Remove Supports - Remove temporary support structures in a hands-free soluble support tank.

While competitors simulate thermoplastics using powders and resins, models and parts produced using FDM technology are produced from real thermoplastic materials and as a result are much more versatile. Parts can be used as prototypes, concept models, functional parts to test form and fit, manufacturing tools, and end-use production parts.

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