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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


SolidWild uses the latest Direct-Digital-Manufacturing

 DDM is a rapid prototyping method that extrudes ABS plus plastic layer by layer in really precise tool paths until your model is built up. Once the model is finished it is removed from the build chamber, the support material is washed away, and the product is shipped to the customer. This DDM process builds durable and functional prototypes that can withstand rigorous testing and won't warp, shrink, or absorb moisture; making them great for testing form, fit, and function. Because the models are built with ABS plastic, they lend themselves well to being drilled, tapped, threaded, sanded, painted, vacuum metalized, and polished.

 Lead time: Normally 1-3 business days depending on the capacity of the printers when we receive payment. Local customers are welcomed to pick up models from our facility

DDM Layer thickness: Horizontal build layers can be built in three options fine (.007"), standard (.010"), and rough draft (.013")

Minimum Wall Thickness: .020"

Dimensional Tolerances: ABS models maintain tolerances of +/- .005" for the first inch, and +/- 0.002" for each additional inch. In the z height (vertical), standard tolerances of +/- 0.010" for the first inch, +/- 0.002” on every inch thereafter.

Build size: for a single piece is 8" x 8" x 12". Models that are larger than the build envelope can be divided, printed as separate pieces, & assembled.

Resolution is given in layer thickness and X-Y resolution in dpi. Typical layer thickness is around 100 micrometres (0.1 mm), while X-Y resolution is comparable to that of laser printers. The particles (3D dots) are around 50 to 100 micrometres (0.05-0.1 mm) in diameter.

DDM is the prototyping and modeling method of choice for engineers and designers in the medical, technology, automotive, military, aerospace, consumer goods, toy, and architecture fields because of it's capability to build in durable ABS plastic. The inexpensive and rapid development of DDM prototypes greatly reduces design-to-production time and allows for much higher return on investment (ROI).

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